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St. Thomas More College welcomed the community to an Open House Sunday May 25, 2014 to celebrate the completion of the historic expansion, made possible through the Creating More campaign.

Following a celebration mass in the STM chapel to honour the legacy of the Basilians, a reception was held in the new atrium. Father Ron Griffin, the last Basilian serving St. Thomas More College, spoke to the legacy and participated in the official cake-cutting.

The Legacy of Henry Carr and the Basilian Fathers in Saskatoon

We have now raised $4 Million towards the building expansion and Endowed Chair in Catholic Studies. With a goal of raising $6 Million, the Creating More campaign still needs your help. These priorities were set to address STM's capacity challenges, maintain the legacy of the unique STM tradition and enable the College to provide the superior liberal arts education that is the hallmark of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

The students, faculty and staff at St. Thomas More College sincerely thank all those who have generously supported the campaign, showing commitment and foresight in recognizing the tangible difference that will be made providing opportunities for all who come to study here, while ensuring a valuable legacy for the future.

There is great excitement and appreciation throughout the College as we begin 2014 incorporating the new classroom, study, research and office space into the STM experience. Students and faculty were greeted January 6th with over 20,000 sq. ft. in additional space at St. Thomas More College.

  • Approximately 325 new student seats in classrooms.
  • Incorporation of new technology in classrooms with opportunity for distance learning.
  • 1,000 square feet of dedicated student study space and group breakout rooms.
  • 4 new research labs for social scientists.
  • Increased office space bringing the average number of sessional lecturers per office down from 3.2 to 1.67.
  • Increased social and meeting space for students, faculty and staff of 2,000 square feet in the year-round accessible natural light atrium.
  • Energy savings of $75,000 per year by installing dedicated boilers in STM.
  • Energy savings of $25,000 per year by installing LED lights and related control mechanisms in all new building rooms.

For three generations the Stack Family has had family members walk the halls of STM and are very thankful for that opportunity and experience.

"When the campaign was announced for the new addition it was something that we felt we needed to support," said Caroline Gorsalitz. "My parents attended STM in the 50's and met there. Their memories of the community of spirit at STM were poignant."

Additional family ties and sentiment to St. Thomas More College run deep for Caroline Gorsalitz. "I still remember with appreciation all my STM professors. All my siblings have attended STM, and after that our two oldest children. For us, St. Thomas More College has always been more than an academic institution. It has served as our campus home, a family worshipping community, and many good friendships were formed here. My husband Don worked at the college, my father served on the Board of Governors, and now my sister, Marie, is joining the Board. My brother David provides legal counsel to STM. Many of the Basilian Fathers and lay faculty continue to be good family friends."

Caroline and Don Gorsalitz chose to name the Stack Family room in the College's new addition as a way to recognize their family's great appreciation of the college. "We also encourage others who have also been shaped by STM," stated Caroline. "Whose families have benefited, to support the college both by talent and treasure."

Thank you Caroline and Don for your continued support.

I'm Creating More

"I choose to donate to the Creating More Campaign because, like my father before me I came from a small town to university in the big city of Saskatoon.

STM provided a community that included education in smaller groups, and support for my faith."

Tom Zurowski
STM Alumni

STM Faculty & Staff donates

More than $167,000 has been raised by STM Faculty and Staff to support the building campaign and Endowed Chair for Catholic Studies. Support from faculty and staff sends a strong message to STM students, alumnae, parents, and friends. It says that STM employees believe in Catholic post-secondary education, value our students, and want STM to be the best place it can be - A world-class learning environment deeply rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition.

We're Creating More

"We give to St. Thomas More College because we believe in the Mission of the College. We want today's students to have the opportunity to obtain a strong foundation in the humanities and social sciences, and to develop their powers of critical thinking and their social and moral judgment. We are also grateful for a memorable educational experience many years ago."

Doug & Irene Schmeiser
STM Alumni
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