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The College has made this building expansion a priority to ensure students and faculty have the space they need to learn and teach in the nurturing scholarly environment for which St. Thomas More College (STM) is well known.

A 20,000 square-foot building expansion is now completed. STM students are now enjoying the urgently needed study areas, classrooms and open areas for students to meet, collaborate, and experience the STM community. This has been the first expansion to STM's physical space since the late 1960's.

In the late 1960's, STM boasted 740 students. Today, STM students, along with students from colleges across campus, fill 8,500 spots in courses offered by STM. Due to space limitations, the College has been using classrooms across campus to accommodate overflow, which is not only costly, but also detracts from the unique STM experience. The expansion will allow up to 75% of STM courses to be held in classrooms at STM.

A defining feature of STM is its student-centered focus. This involves attentive academic advising, sensitive spiritual counseling by STM campus ministers, ready access to STM professors and the opportunity to be a part of an engaged community of learners. Having appropriate space to accommodate these interactions is vital to the STM experience.

Faculty and administrative offices are currently overcrowded, and simply cannot accommodate the much-needed growth of STM's tenure-stream faculty. Additional office space is a pressing priority, as is adequate research space, suitable facilities for Community Service Learning (CSL) programs, and areas where students can study and meet privately with their professors.
creating moreSt. Thomas More Collegeaboutdonatebuildingendowed chaircontact
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